Endless slumbering

Reminds me

I’ve submerged

Back into darkness.

Water seeps

Into these veins.

I tell myself

It’s harmless.

A bitter coldness

Begs me to wake up.

But I find familiarity

And comfort

Eternally, regardless.


Family Ties


Bloodlines tether would be strangers together.

Though, personal cosmic affinity always remembers.

Stars lead the pathway, defying normalcy,

Guiding souls to one another eternally.


Critiques welcome.

51 Great Similes to Spark Imagination


I love similes. They say more in 5-10 words than a whole paragraph. They are like spice to a stew, or perfume to an evening out. They evoke images far beyond the range of words.

Simile–the comparison of two unlike things using the word ‘like’ or ‘as’.  As bald as a newborn babe. As blind as a bat. As white as snow.

Wait–no self-respecting writer would use those. Similes are as much about displaying the writer’s facility with her/his craft as communicating. We are challenged to come up with new comparisons no one has heard before. I’ve seen contests on writer’s blogs for similes and most leave me bored, if not disgusted. It’s harder than it looks to create a simile that works. Look at these I found on G+:

  • #1 – Being with him was like sitting through a Twilight Marathon, all sparkles and self-loathing.
  • #2 – She…

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2 am rambling

I can’t decide if I’m being super lazy tonight or just have writer’s block. It feels like everything I write is absolute shit, and I will likely have to delete it all in the morning. So much for productivity. I thought I had caught the spark to continue plugging along on my novel, but it feels like a chore lately. I may need some time to pursue a couple other projects before I come back to my main work.



Tiny joys come in packages of

Tiny noses and tiny thumbs

Sheltering me from

What I was destined to become

Sun rises and sun falls

To the rhythm of my fragile heart

Begging more time on earth

Before time runs up and I

Am forced to restart


Inspiration for tonight comes from background noise from The Office

Honing the Craft

Today has been a relatively good day for my works in progress. I hired an editor to edit my latest short story before I submit and feel much more confident in my entry now. I’ve been writing poetry in my head all day. And I found my prompt for my second flash fiction story. I have been slacking off in my main novel because I have been honing skills to make the editing process go along smoother when it comes that time for Chasing Cryptic Creatures. I have been feeling a little less excited about writing my first draft because after chatting and exchanging work with some other writers, I feel like my writing is not as strong as it should be for attempting my first book. BUT, I’m going to keep plugging along and at least get my plot and characters out there and I can always go back and edit later, right? For now I will share my favorite excerpt from the book.

“Nereus came fluttering back into the sitting area with two outfits in hand. Both were intricately designed and truly fit for a fairy. One was golden and very flashy with many jewels. One was a simple and beautiful shade of rose. It shimmered in his arms. He saw me eyeing it and held it up to the light My breath was taken away. Wow, these creatures truly knew how to dress.”

Don’t You Mind?


The amulet brighter

With distance closing

Thrums with anticipation.

My heart danced.

Perception is distorted

By romantasizing memories.

Immersing in history

Clarifies future circumstance.


Music Insipiration for the night: Me – The 1975