Non writing post for once

Taking a second to post about what I’m up to when I’m not posting manic depressive poetry 🖤

Recently I have gotten super into cosplay because I am a huge anime geek. I also really love comics and superhero movies and pop culture in general. Here are a few recent closet cosplays I have done.

This one is Bowsette with poorly photoshopped horns bc my real props aren’t finished yet 🙈

here is a wig and makeup test for Sam Manson from Danny Phantom. Her outfit isn’t ready yet.

And here is my baby. Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia. This will be my first bigger cosplay build because of all of her accessories. I’m so excited to debut her at Mountain State Pop Expo next weekend.

If you would like to follow along my cosplay journey and see how I make my props, progress pics, and final versions feel free to follow Flip The Paige Cosplay

I would love to connect with other cosplayers and writers interested in cosplay!



Most days a glimmer

Is all I can grasp

Like a lasso wrapped around

Tugging me out of bed

Some days a sliver

less than the glimmer

Leaves me to my self hatred

To be swallowed entirely


Not the best flow, but here’s my nightly poem.

When crying out for help

Makes you weak minded,

But releasing your pain

Makes you selfish

And other people frightened

How do you escape

The never ending cycle?

When driving your car

To the supermarket

You think, wow

that’s a steep cliff,

I wonder if I’d make it?

You talk yourself out of it

Because with the fall,

There’s still a slight chance

You’d wake up and

Have to face it.

Chasing Cryptic Creatures Update

Hit a block again for quite some time. Happy to say I’m back at it. Writing on the daily is my new goal. My current big WIP is sitting around 23k words right now. I’m hoping to make it to 40k by December. Wish me luck 🖤


Chest pounding,

Gasps part my lips.

Who’s there?

Is it you again?

My imaginary friends.

I see you creeping by.

My eyes are older now,

But reliable enough.

Why do you only visit

In the corners of my mind.

Renewing all self doubts.

Hello? Are you there?

Always gone in a blink.

Petrifying, eyes flash green.

Where are you?

Why must you hide?

You’re laying low

Making sure not to be seen.

They think I ‘m lying.

They say, “It was only a dream.”

Gasps part my lips.

Chest pounding.


Endless slumbering

Reminds me

I’ve submerged

Back into darkness.

Water seeps

Into these veins.

I tell myself

It’s harmless.

A bitter coldness

Begs me to wake up.

But I find familiarity

And comfort

Eternally, regardless.

Family Ties


Bloodlines tether would be strangers together.

Though, personal cosmic affinity always remembers.

Stars lead the pathway, defying normalcy,

Guiding souls to one another eternally.


Critiques welcome.